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Muffle Furnace -1400 Degree.

Product Cat # SE-10419



With enriched industrial knowledge, we have been able to offer a wide spectrum of High Temperature Muffle Furnace.  


  •  Continuous Operating Temperature: 1350o C
  •  Maximum Temperature: 1400o C
  •  Suitable to work on 220V, single phase 50 Hz, AC supply Other details:
  •  We are a manufacturer, supplier of High Temperature Furnaces
  •  Lab High Temperature Furnace: High temperature Muffle Furnaces are designed to meet the requirements of varies customers in Industries, Educational Research fields etc. Construction:
  •  Double walled chamber outer chamber made of mild steel sheets and finished in powder coated paint
  •  Inner chamber is formed by high temperature withstand Zirconia Vacuum Board following by Ceramic fibre blankets on all the sides
  •  Double walled door mounted on heavy-duty hinges in the front is provided with effective locking arrangements
  •  Heating elements will be silicon Carbide Rods
  •  Further the door is provided with door limit switch to cut off the powder supply whenever the door opened and restart when the door is closed.

Max Temperature ( C)1200-1500
Chamber Size (mm X mm X mm)100 x 100 x 225 mm
Type Of ModelLaboratory

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