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Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit

Product Cat # SE-MIE023


Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit MANUFACTURER BY SIMTRONICS


Range 0 to 14pH 

Resolution 0.01pH 

Accuracy ±0.01pH (Relative) 

Temp. Comp Automatic With Temp. Probe Buffer Manual By Keys Recognition 4.00 7.00, 9.20 pH (Automatic) 

Slope Adjustment 80% to 120%, By Default 100% 

Calibration Auto/Manual 2-Point, 3-Point 

mV (ORP) 

Range 0 to ±1999mV 

Resolution 1mV 

Accuracy ±1 

mV Calibration Manual 

Temperature Range -20.0 to +200°C 

Resolution 0.1°C 

Accuracy ±0.2% 

Input Type Pt 100 

Calibration Manual 

Dissolved Oxygen 

Range 0 t 20pap 

Resolution 0.1ppm 

Temperature Comp. Automatic with pt 100probe & manual with keys 

Pressure Adjustment 0 to 999mm of Hg Manual 

Salinity Correction 0 to 20gm/1 (Manual) 

Calibration Automatic 

Accuracy ±2%±1digit 


Range 0 to 1000m mho in 6-ranges 

Range Selection Automatic 6 Ranges 0µ mho to 1000m mho 

Resolution 0.1µ mho 

Cell Constant Adjustable 

Temperature co.-eff Adjustable between 0 to 4% 

Temperature Comp. Automatic for entire range 

Accuracy ±0.5% of range + 1digit


Range 0 to 200 ppt in 5 Ranges 

Range Selection Automatic 

Resolution 0.1 ppm 

TDS Factor 0.5 and adjustable manuall 


Range 0 to 50 ppt 

Resolution 0.1 ppt 

Accuracy ±0.5% of range + 1digit 

Temperature Comp. Automatic 

Salinity Factor 0.75 and Adjustable Manually 


Range -20.0 to +200°C 

Resolution 0.1°C 

Accuracy ±0.2% 

Input Type Pt 100 

Calibration Manual


Display 16 Character * 2 lines Alphanumeric lcd. 

Display Format Temp & pH or temp & ORP Simultaneously auto Display of Selected Buffer  SettingBy soft Touch Keys 

Storage 1000 samples With Date and Time 

Interface RS-232 Centronics & Computer 

Real Time Display 24 hour Mode With Date 

Error Indication pH error , Buffer Error , ORP Error 

Digital Output SERIAL RS-232 


Print Format ALL DATA 



1) pH Electrode 

2) Standard Solution 7.0 pH & 4.0 pH 

3) ORP Electrode (On Demand) 

4) Temeprature Probe 

5) Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Cell 

6) DO Probe 

7) Instruction Manual 

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