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Elisa Washer.

Product Cat # SE-10356


ELISA test kits with micro-titre plates, ELISA washer , plate incubator
UPS of sufficient capacity to ensure uninterrupted finishing of ongoing testing

A washer for microtitre plates, designed to ensure thorough washing of reagents between ELISA steps. The equipment is used for many types of ELISA.
To be used by appropriately trained staff.
Often used in reference or referral testing and in high throughput screening.
Manufacturers recommended waste disposal:

Micro-plate or strip washer for ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay)
Platform: bench-top, open and automatic system
8-channel strip manifold
Accommodates flat, round, U or V-shaped bottom plates
75 user-definable protocols
Wash parameters include: 16-character assay name, number of cycles, wash volume, flow rate and variable soak times, aspiration and dispensing
Crosswise aspiration/double aspiration of flat bottom micro-plates for reduced residual liquid
Built-in vacuum & pressure pump assembly
With bottles for waste, rinse and wash solutions
Wash cycles: Between 1 to 10
Dispensing volumes from 25 to 3000ul
Soak time 1-600 seconds
Fluid flow rate in 150 to 1000ul/well/second to accommodate cellular assays
Spill-over protection & electronics isolated from fluidics

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