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Bio Safety Cabinate

Product Cat # SE-10450


Bio Safty Cabinate  

Bio Safty Cabinate  

·        Forearm support armrest design to maximize comfort.

·        Body M.S with sufficient protective coating

·        Digital Airflow Verification (DAVe) alarm signals any

out-of-spec conditions for added assurance.

·         Air down flow velocity: As per standards.

·        Work access opening min 8 inches, 10 inches preferable.

·        Energy efficient motors and sustainable design provide

globally aware world class performance.

·        Cabinet should have made from Galvanized Iron 18 SWG sheet metal with polyurethane paint coated finish and bottom will be supported with MS with PU coated modular stand which can be adjustable for height with levelling legs/ or motorised.

·        External surfaces to be coated with antimicrobial coating to protect against surfaces contamination and inhibit bacterial growth. -Interior work area to be from a single piece of stainless steel with large radius corners to simplify cleaning.

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